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The Digital Reader’s Nate Leaves Twitter Too

I’m Leaving Twitter Under the mistaken belief that each tweet is of dire importance, Twitter is now inserting “in case you missed it” tweets on the notification page. The notification page was my refuge from Twitter’s mini-Facebook mentality, and if … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Quit Social Media

Brain Hacking I did a search yesterday on Twitter for some iPad rumors. Someone I won’t name basically said that someone who quits social media is “not part of the conversation.” What “conversation?” It’s become a festival of mind disease! … Continue reading

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“I’ve Been Looking For Someone Like You For Twenty Years.”

Tai Lopez has a hell of story here: How Tai Lopez Took Control of His Destiny (And How You Can Do It Too)

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Blog Notes: The First InfoCard Blog?

Previously, in a prior blog, I wrote: VAO, ICs, And Our Global Frequency Future. I said: Blogs such as this, if they exist at all, will be short posts that don’t relate to one another at all. They’ll just be … Continue reading

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