Another Reason To Quit Social Media

Brain Hacking

I did a search yesterday on Twitter for some iPad rumors.

Someone I won’t name basically said that someone who quits social media is “not part of the conversation.”

What “conversation?”

It’s become a festival of mind disease! A contest of wounds.

To have the gall to think your ephemeral little Chinese fortune cookie-sized snippet is somehow more important than it is in the vast world of real conversations is beyond narcissism. I just don’t know what to call that.

Anyway, the above video should make everyone put down their goddammed phone and wonder what the hell is being done to them.

But I know that will never happen. When I’m boarding the ferry to Manhattan, people are walking while hypnotized by their goddammed phones. It takes one minute to board the ferry. These people can’t be without that screen in their face for a single minute! Put down that fucking phone!

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