“I’ve Been Looking For Someone Like You For Twenty Years.”

Tai Lopez has a hell of story here:

How Tai Lopez Took Control of His Destiny (And How You Can Do It Too)

1) Tai Lopez did something. He stopped not doing anything.

2) Sometimes just throwing a dart at the board will actually hit a bullseye. Call it Beginner’s Luck. Or Fate.

3) Mike Stainback said: “You know, I’ve been looking for someone like you for twenty years.” How many others out there have been waiting for someone with self-directed initiative to appear?

4) Lopez started brutally: Cold calling! That’s how it goes. Shoveling shit. It’s a test of determination. It’s also a live IQ test. A script would have been a crutch for him. He needed to figure out how to do it — and how to do it his way.

5) Lopez: “Wow. Life can change like fast!” The “fast,” however, was nine months. But what are nine months compared to a life wasted for years?

6) Lopez talks about not being dealt good cards. So he said he needed to re-create the cards. I’m reminded of David Goggins and his four-lane highway versus the shovel. The shovel was Goggins’ way of re-creating the cards he’d been dealt.

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