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Losted In Space

Netflix’s reboot of the classic, bizarre, one-of-a-kind, thank-god-for-Jonathan-Harris series is out today. No. This post’s title is not an error. But this series is. I’m five episodes in. If this wasn’t a reboot of the original series, I would have … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud About The 2018 iPad

That’s one of many folders I have stuffed with Google Books PDFs (and, in this folder, a few regular PDFs; it’s a temporary catch-all folder). 574 documents in there. Mostly Google Books PDFs. Five hundred and seventy-four. Taking up just … Continue reading

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Spooky Email From Google

Click = big I borrowed someone else’s Tab A to check YouTube with my account. It creeps me out that Google can see what’s installed on a device. There’s probably a Setting that needs to be changed. But it’s not … Continue reading

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Bob Lefsetz recommended this article. It sickened me. There’s a party out there where even a total idiot can get rich. And they do it by fleecing other idiots. And Facebook makes it soooo easy these days. If you want … Continue reading

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