Losted In Space

Netflix’s reboot of the classic, bizarre, one-of-a-kind, thank-god-for-Jonathan-Harris series is out today.

No. This post’s title is not an error.

But this series is.

I’m five episodes in. If this wasn’t a reboot of the original series, I would have stopped after episode one.

There is nothing here but beats and meaningless scenes with characters so weak they wouldn’t have survived being in the presence of the original Doctor Smith.

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4 Responses to Losted In Space

  1. ljnd says:

    Whyyyyyyyyy did they feel this was necessary?

  2. Chuck Patout says:

    I’m too old to have seen the original. I LOVE Science Fiction. I lasted about 10 minutes. Looked like a Web Video done as a high school project. From what you wrote, sounds like it doesn’t get any better?

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