Thinking Out Loud About The 2018 iPad

That’s one of many folders I have stuffed with Google Books PDFs (and, in this folder, a few regular PDFs; it’s a temporary catch-all folder).

574 documents in there. Mostly Google Books PDFs.

Five hundred and seventy-four.

Taking up just about 7 gigabytes.

That’s less than a fifth of the storage in a basic US$329 32GB iPad.

How freakin long would it take me to read over 500 books?

Maybe a 2018 iPad with just 32GBs of storage isn’t such a bad thing …

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2 Responses to Thinking Out Loud About The 2018 iPad

  1. Martin says:

    Yes, but, you not only have pdf book in the ipad.You need memory for the basic apps, plus some memory you will need for apps you will add for sure.That is the problem with Androids Tablet with so little memory eventhough you can add an external memory.Its not practical have a tablet with such a little amount of memory.Think about this. You now can download movies from netflix to watch off line when you travel. You need more memory for that.Same happen with Amazon Prime.32GB is nothing.

    • mikecane says:

      Yeah. I have to think about how many damn photos I wind up taking or even a video I *must* make (think breaking news). Sheesh. It’s telling that the 2018 iPad demo model at the Apple Store had 128GBs of storage!

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