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Sony’s Latest Phone With A 4K Screen Still Not For Daydream VR

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium has a 4K display and cameras built for ‘extreme’ low-light shooting It’s not an AMOLED display. But there’s NFC. Given the price will be near that of an iPhone X, would anyone buy it just for … Continue reading

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Never Buying ZTE Now

Commerce Blocks China’s ZTE From Exporting Tech From U.S. The U.S. blocked Chinese telecommunications-gear maker ZTE Corp. from exporting sensitive technology from America, alleging the company made false statements to U.S. officials. The Commerce Department has determined ZTE made false … Continue reading

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A Re-Examination Of The iPad Mini 4 With Google Books PDFs

The iPad Mini is the size I like. The weight I like. The thinness I like. The iPad Mini 4’s A8 processor — introduced in 2014, four frikkin years ago! — not so much. It’s been close to three years … Continue reading

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Yes, That’s Me NOT On Twitter Again

It took months to do it right. But I wanted to confound all the sick bastards who were waiting to pounce on my mikecane userID at Twitter. I didn’t give them any opportunity to guess when Twitter would delete my … Continue reading

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Stop, Google. Stop!

Another spooky email From Google Click = big I don’t have a new iPad, dammit. I was using a Mini 4 demo model at an Apple Store. Previously here: Spooky Email From Google

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First: Cameras Everywhere. Next: Add The Microphones.

Today seems to be How Future Tech Will Enslave Us All Day. First, blockchain. Second, blockheadchain. Now this: Google works out a fascinating, slightly scary way for AI to isolate voices in a crowd In any case, the privacy ramifications … Continue reading

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WhatsApp photo drug dealer caught by ‘groundbreaking’ work These are believed to be the first convictions in Wales from fingerprints taken from a photograph. Read the article. The photo was digital, on a cellphone. The dealer’s fingers were in the … Continue reading

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Please. This Isn’t Foresight.

History of WWW and a Caution About Prematurely Judging Modern Fintech Several have mentioned that the internet had clear use cases or benefits even in the early days which is different than Bitcoin/etc. I would differ with that. Most people … Continue reading

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