Please. This Isn’t Foresight.

History of WWW and a Caution About Prematurely Judging Modern Fintech

Several have mentioned that the internet had clear use cases or benefits even in the early days which is different than Bitcoin/etc. I would differ with that. Most people looking at the demos I was doing did not see the immediate value.

Blah blah blah.

Time travel to the early 1980s with me trying to argue how Bulletin-Board Systems were more worthy of attention than teletext and videotex and The Source and CompuServe, each one with their multi-million dollar budgets.

And those arguments I had with people who already saw the value of people being online!

I never said overturning the financial system via blockchain would never work. Ultimately, it will. And it will create a worldwide havoc unlike any ever seen before.

The same people blind to the hidden threats of social media — like, um, subverting free elections — are blind to the hidden threats of digital currencies.

You will bind everyone in chains.

When China embraces digital currencies, your hair should fall out and you should run to the fucking hills.

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