Yes, That’s Me NOT On Twitter Again

It took months to do it right. But I wanted to confound all the sick bastards who were waiting to pounce on my mikecane userID at Twitter. I didn’t give them any opportunity to guess when Twitter would delete my old account and I could run back in and grab my realname ID again.

Mission accomplished.

Malicious bastards thwarted.

Old tweets deleted.

But don’t expect me to ever tweet.


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2 Responses to Yes, That’s Me NOT On Twitter Again

  1. oh come on, I was just going to say nice things about DRM, PDFs, and trad pub.

    What’s the harm?

    • mikecane says:

      ?! On Twitter?

      EDIT to add: After I hit Send on the reply, the penny dropped. Ha! You were never a worry at all. You have no idea of some of the sick fucks out there waiting to stab me online.

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