JayKay eTrucks: A Revolution For Electric Skateboards?

JayKay e-trucks: yet another electric longboard company?

I used to not be a fan of motorised longboards, mainly because of how they look; they aren’t elegant, have a lot of plastic parts and the shape and look of the boards I saw on the market mostly don’t appeal to me. In addition, they are bulky and usually very heavy.

A start-up company named JayKay from South Germany made me reconsider my feelings towards electric longboards. They invented an elegant and practical solution. Instead of making a classic longboard motor, the drive is hidden inside the trucks.

I’m extremely skeptical about this.

At the above link, a board is shown with the trucks. There’s no battery enclosure. And I can’t figure out where the hell the ESC resides!

Also, others have pointed out that if this company has figured out how to squeeze so much range and speed out of what have to be some of the smallest damn batteries ever imagined, why haven’t other companies with better funding grabbed that battery technology for their boards?

But the prototype works!

FABTrav actually did a video several months ago that I didn’t know about until today.

The First Electric Skateboard Truck in the World

I’ve always thought watching people ride a Boosted board was magical. Well, not seeing an enclosure underneath for batteries and an ESC is some real magic.

At €1,999.00 for the longboard kit, that’s US$2,468.31 at post time. More than a Boosted Board!

And there are many questions here about the actual speed, range, battery type, where the hell the ESC is hidden, and how durable the entire setup is.

I’m also wondering how fast China will copy that and plummet the price! China’s copies of Mellow’s setup — the Onan Booster and the Landwheel — cost about one-fourth! Of course, the quality is also decreased — and yet!

I can’t help wondering what this would be like on an ELOS skateboard deck. And that’s probably a dangerous idea. The ELOS uses 72mm wheels. These trucks have 80mm wheels. Plus, this is a four-wheel drive setup!

If the JayKay scheme works, and works well, this could change everything for electric skateboards.


JayKay website
JayKay eTrucks YouTube

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