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The Best “Ad” For The New Boosted Mini X

The new Boosted Mini X has the XR (extended range) battery, with a top range of 14 miles. The X is also US$999, versus US$749 for the Mini S with its 7 mile top range. This guy tries the Boosted … Continue reading

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The Endless YouTube Shitstorm

Will YouTube ever get a clue? Official YouTube Creator Blog: An Update on Our 2018 Priorities. This is The Word from YouTube. And look how just plain wrong it begins: Dear YouTube Creators, At the beginning of the year, I … Continue reading

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More Video Love Letters For The iPad Mini 4

Is The iPad Mini 4 Still Worth It In 2018? And after the break, two more from VinGin, the guy whose Mini 4 video prompted my re-examination post.

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First Video Rides With New Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard

Given his massive subscriber base and ownership of multiple Boosted boards, Casey Neistat was sent a Mini S personally by Boosted: While that will allow him to be the first person to do as many videos about it as he … Continue reading

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Everyone Can Stop Waiting For A New ZTE Axon Phone

ZTE Seeks Fix With U.S. Ban Threatening Access to Android ZTE Corp. executives are evaluating software options for the company’s smartphones after a U.S. technology ban threatened to cut off the operating system at the heart of its devices, a … Continue reading

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San Francisco To Regulate Electric Scooter Rentals

San Francisco just voted to regulate the glut of shared electric scooters that startups are putting all over the city’s streets Just weeks after a raft of electric scooters have filled the streets of San Francisco — and drawn complaints … Continue reading

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