First Video Rides With New Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard

Given his massive subscriber base and ownership of multiple Boosted boards, Casey Neistat was sent a Mini S personally by Boosted:

While that will allow him to be the first person to do as many videos about it as he wants, his opinion matters the least to me.

After the break, several videos with people trying the new Mini S. But the person whose opinion matters the most to me doesn’t get to even be in the same country as it!


The next videos take place at Chelsea Piers in New York City. I learned about this event with just four hours notice. I need several days advance word to plan. While everyone else was trying the Mini S, I was battling real-life bureaucracy. FML.


Boosted Board Mini S Test Drive!

$750 Mini Boosted Board Impressions!

And here is Jermaine Ellis, over in Europe, reacting to the new Boosteds:

New Boosted Boards! $750

Although he says he favors longboards, I still hope Boosted will send him one of the Mini models to ride around San Francisco. This is a guy who makes a living while riding a Boosted. He rides all over the damn place in San Francisco. And there are all those hills! His opinion matters the most. Send him a Mini, Boosted!

Points to consider:

1) The damn weight! Fifteen pounds is a hell of a lot to haul. That’s the weight of a carbon fiber electric scooter.

2) The size. It’s good for hand carrying. It can brought into stores fine.

3) Those motors! Badass hill-climb ability. Jermaine Ellis was on this damn Island for a while and he took his Boosted over several Death Hills just fine.

4) The Mini S recharge time. Just an hour and fifteen minutes to recharge. I like that. But what about the weight of the charger? Jermaine says it’s damned heavy. We’ll see.

This is seriously making me reconsider ever getting an ELOS deck to convert to electric.

I look forward to more videos with people giving it a lot of real-world rides.

And once the weather finally gets consistently warm, maybe Boosted will hold another event I can get better advance notice of, so I can try a Mini S for myself (especially holding it and feeling that weight!).

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