The Endless YouTube Shitstorm

Will YouTube ever get a clue?

Official YouTube Creator Blog: An Update on Our 2018 Priorities. This is The Word from YouTube. And look how just plain wrong it begins:

Dear YouTube Creators,

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a letter to you outlining five key priorities for YouTube in 2018. Among those priorities was to communicate more frequently with all of you, and in that spirit, I plan to share updates with the creator community every quarter.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What? Every quarter? That’s nuts. It should be monthly until the shitstorm is settled! YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki needs to be seen as someone who is Really Getting Shit Done. She has painted herself as someone out of touch here. That’s not good. Has the recent shooting at YouTube created by all of this upheaval already been forgotten?

More, basically recaps of the above:

YouTube CEO addresses demonetization anger: ‘We know the last year has not been easy’

YouTube promises expansion of sponsorships, other monetization tools for creators

I’m glad I’m not part of this. And all of you people who have put your face on YouTube? Surprise! You’re in a face recognition database!

These Ex-Spies Are Harvesting Facebook Photos For A Massive Facial Recognition Database

Forbes has uncovered one case that might shock them: over the last five years a secretive surveillance company founded by a former Israeli intelligence officer has been quietly building a massive facial recognition database consisting of faces acquired from the giant social network, YouTube and countless other websites. Privacy activists are suitably alarmed.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


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