Elusive Ionpod Relisted For Sale

After notifying the Ionboard people that the listing wasn’t showing, they fixed that page. It now shows this:

Click = big

The image in the photo, however, is a belt drive prototype — not the dual-hub motor model listed in the description.

Experienced eSkaters caution that this is too small a deck for dual-hub motors. Johnny in Taiwan — who must have converted about two hundred ELOS kick skateboards to electric by now — won’t offer a dual-hub model; he insists it’s unsafe and will only sell single-hub models. He took the belt drive from his own experimental ELOS and put it on a larger deck too (that was a 270kv motor; he should have tried 190kv!).

I advise waiting to order until they’ve cleared out their Kickstarter backer delays and can concentrate on a new project like the Ionpod. I’ll post when I think it’s safe.

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