Another Example Of 4K Video Editing On An iPad Mini 4

From the Description:

Yes, it can be done, at least for basic editing, this is an example of 2 4K footage, trimmed, added transition, title and color adjusted within LumaFusion and it works.

Both of the Mavic Air footage are 3840×2160 @ 23.976fps

I used LumaFusion

I uploaded the clips into google drive (dropbox is not working at the moment for me)

I imported them into the app Create the frame sizes you want (in my case 2.35:1)

edit away

You can export 4K or any lower resolution and quality

See the brief video after the break.

Editing Mavic Air 4K footage on LumaFusion on an Ipad Mini 4

Ah, Apple! Do an iPad Mini 5 with the A10X CPU! Keep the Mini alive!

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