The MacBook Pro: Apple Lays An Egg

Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion

A few months ago, I wrote about how my one-year-old MacBook Pro’s keyboard keys stopped working if a single piece of dust slipped under there, and more importantly, that neither Apple nor its Geniuses would acknowledge that this was actually a problem. Today, Best Buy announced it is having a significant sale on these computers, marking them hundreds of dollars off. Interesting. Still, I’d suggest you do not buy them.

Apple is beginning to spin out of control. It seems no one is really in charge anymore. Bad design was once only obvious in its operating systems. Now it’s become obvious in some of its hardware too. This isn’t good.

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1 Response to The MacBook Pro: Apple Lays An Egg

  1. Richard Herley says:

    Hi Mike! Found your blog here via Nate’s site.

    You may not have seen this:

    No more Macs for me. I bought a MacBook Air 11″ in 2011 and in 2015 (having bought a MBA 13″) gave it away. The battery subsequently expanded, distorting the case; on investigation this is not specially unusual and Apple’s typical response is disappointing to say the least.

    The MBA 13″ is nice for surfing but not much else. As a workhorse I use a refurbished Thinkpad running Linux and it’s rock solid.

    Seems I’m not the only one deserting Apple’s laptop line:

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