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Our Physical Incarnation Is A Confounding Madhouse

After the break, two videos. The first is a treatment that has the possibility of reversing the damaging effects of a stroke (I prefer the term they once tried to substitute: brain attack). The people who recover are basically ignored … Continue reading

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Interesting Info About A Shipping Container House

I’m not even sure algorithms know why they do things. Yesterday, out of nowhere, YouTube plopped some tiny house videos in its Recommendations. Weirdly, they had interesting titles so I playlisted them to watch later (which has been today). This, … Continue reading

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Weekend Review, April 21-22, 2018

I didn’t do a Review for last week. There were IRL complications. The reading for that weekend, however, was Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life by Daymond John with Daniel … Continue reading

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Groups Of People Create Cowards

I hate being around a lot of people. I even have a problem even thinking about eventually joining an electric skateboard group ride. Because when you get a group of human beings together, unpredictable — and usually bad — things … Continue reading

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Elusive Ionpod Relisted For Sale

After notifying the Ionboard people that the listing wasn’t showing, they fixed that page. It now shows this: Click = big The image in the photo, however, is a belt drive prototype — not the dual-hub motor model listed in … Continue reading

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iPad Mini Needs A Life-Support Upgrade

Hey, Apple! Dig this title: I’m typing this on a 2018 iPad. I just compared it and the iPad Mini 4 with the 200MB+ full PDF of The American Magazine. Dahyum! No tiling on the 2018 iPad. If the iPad … Continue reading

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From 1890: The Voice Of P.T. Barnum

Feb 17, 1890 – P.T. Barnum’s address to the future (Remastered w/ transcript) Previously here: In The Reading Queue Movie: The Greatest Showman

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The Elusive Ionpod Is Almost Listed Again

At the Ionboard website now: But that’s as much as there is. No order page, not even a page for the product itself. Just the splash image on a carousel. The Ionboard people are facing many complaints at their Kickstarter … Continue reading

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Electric Skateboard Long Rides: What To Consider

After the break, two videos from Justin Bravo. In the first, he talks about the deck flex of three different boards and what that means for the new Boosted Mini deck. In the second, he does a range test of … Continue reading

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The Really Endless YouTube Shitstorm

Exclusive: YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels This: The company’s ad ran on Brian Ruhe’s Nazi channel. YouTube subsequently deleted the channel for violating its community guidelines against spreading hate speech. Before its deletion, ads ran … Continue reading

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