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Oh Dear God. No.

This would be a tweet, if I was still on that damned service. But I’m not. So I’m putting this here. Because if I thought of it, someone out there is damn well working on it. That’s how this shit … Continue reading

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Uncle Floyd Is Live On YouTube (At Post Time)

Wikipedia: Floyd Vivino There I was, catching up on videos I put in my Daily playlist … and Recommendations popped up Uncle Floyd live via the BeTerrific channel! I’m watching him live. I haven’t seen him in years. He’s wandering … Continue reading

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May 1st Protest In Puerto Rico

@artistikem emails: May 1st. Puerto Ricans hit the streets to protest austerity measures that will strip workers from their rights, elderly from their pensions, raise the state university’s cost per credit, and shut down schools so the buildings can be … Continue reading

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More About David Goggins

Man, his life was a mess! And in a prior video, his story is brief and, it turns out, leaves out a lot of failure. This video has the missing steps the other video left out. There is also something … Continue reading

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“It Ain’t Like That.”

This is one hell of a video and is a must-watch right now. THIS CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE: I realized I was lied to

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The Latest Update From Puerto Rico

The misery there persists. And now it is getting worse. @artistikem emailed: General stoppage tomorrow here in PR. Just hours ago the University’s Governing Body (?) approved a raise in cost per undergrad credit (from $56 to $115 starting next … Continue reading

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The Resident On Fox: Catch Up!

Two medical dramas debuted this TV season: The Good Doctor on ABC and The Resident on Fox. I’ve been watching both. I didn’t intend to watch The Resident. It debuted late and Fox hasn’t had any luck recently with good … Continue reading

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Bicycle Blogger Posts About A Bird eScooter Invasion

The Horror! Dockless Scooters Dumped in Austin The big gripe I have about the scooters is safety risk. Aside from just leaving them wherever people want is the fact that most users are not carrying helmets with them. Granted it’s … Continue reading

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