The Latest Update From Puerto Rico

The misery there persists. And now it is getting worse.

@artistikem emailed:

General stoppage tomorrow here in PR. Just hours ago the University’s Governing Body (?) approved a raise in cost per undergrad credit (from $56 to $115 starting next semester). Pensions are being cut (both teachers and cops don’t accumulate for Social Security). Meanwhile, many areas are still without power and water. 283 schools being shut down, some already sold to ‘friends’ and churchers for $1. Fiscal Board wants to lower salaries. This is horrible. Simply horrible.

We rarely see reports about the island anymore. But it hasn’t been restored. Things remain atrocious. Trump doesn’t give a shit. Does anybody? New York’s semi-inept Governor seems to. But there’s only so much one state out of fifty can do.

As the date for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade nears, perhaps we’ll see more news coverage revealing the tragic state of that island.

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