The Resident On Fox: Catch Up!

Two medical dramas debuted this TV season: The Good Doctor on ABC and The Resident on Fox.

I’ve been watching both.

I didn’t intend to watch The Resident. It debuted late and Fox hasn’t had any luck recently with good dramas. The first episode intrigued me, so I kept watching.

And it kept getting better and better.

The season finale has aired [actually, it turned out to be the season’s next-to-last]. And with it comes the promise of an exciting new character:

A cardiothoracic surgeon with an attitude and quirks. Who also loves cats. He was the best thing in the finale. Not only did he have the best scenes, they gave him all of the best dialogue too!

I know ABC’s The Good Doctor is a ratings hit and has been getting all the press. But The Resident is damn good, with an edge The Good Doctor lacks.

If you haven’t seen it, catch up with The Resident. You won’t regret it.

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