Puerto Rico: Tears And Tear Gas

Protest in Puerto Rico Over Austerity Measures Ends in Tear Gas

SAN JUAN, P.R. — Thousands of demonstrators joined a general strike in the capital of Puerto Rico on Tuesday that ended in mayhem after the police fired tear gas and pepper spray to end a tense standoff with some of the protesters.

The demonstrators gathered to oppose school closings, university tuition increases and potential cuts to pensions and other benefits. As the island rebuilds in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the economy and prompted an exodus of Puerto Ricans left with few options, the protesters said they feared that looming austerity measures would decimate what remained of the island’s middle class and force even more residents to leave.

There is no goddammed reason for this misery.

We are forcing the messiness of being human into columns and rows on accounting sheets. And these accounting sheets don’t account for everything.

Tell me, why does a son or daughter who has to give up a job to care for an ailing parent not on that accounting sheet as a credit? Tell me, why isn’t a corrupt politician who sells out his people on that accounting sheet as a debit?

Who evaluates this shit for the ledgers?

And how is it that those who obey the “rules” are the ones who get punished while the professional criminals and the corrupt vandalize freely?

We’ve seen this play out in country after country. Greece was crushed. Italy. England. “Austerity” for everyone except those who created the goddammed mess.

While we’re preached the gospel of “responsibility,” no one in charge who raped and pillaged those nations are ever held — and here’s a key word — accountable.

The blockchain won’t solve any part of this. It’ll only make things worse.

The system is fucked-up to begin with and has to be changed.

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