Electrified Anonymous Longboards Penny-Size Board

Ronnie Sarmiento was sent a new cool toy.

A Penny-size bamboo kick skateboard!

And it’s wider than a Penny:

That makes it very interesting.

It’s the first small board aside from an ELOS to offer some deck width.

But the best thing is, Ronnie goes all Mad Scientist on it and adds …

… a dual-hub motor Landwheel setup!

WHOA! That’s the kind of thing people warn against trying with such a short deck. But Ronnie went Mad Scientist on a plastic Penny board clone in an earlier video, so he knows what the ride can be like. Here’s that video first:

INSANE 30 MPH ELECTRIC PENNY BOARD | MiNi Boosted Board? (2018)

Things to notice in the next video:

1) The Landwheel installation isn’t as cramped
2) Ronnie seems to ride it with more confidence

30 MPH Mini Boosted Board HACK – Electric Penny Board (2018)

This new board Ronnie has seems to be an interesting competitor to the ELOS kick skateboard and even the electric Ionpod.

One problem: Anonymous Longboards doesn’t even have it listed on their website at post time! What’s the price? What are the full specs?

Previously here:

Previously here:

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