UK TV: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 20th Anniversary

For one week only, the classic Who Wants to Be a Millonaire is airing in the UK for its twentieth anniversary.

There are some changes with it. Such as the set:

But that wonderful music remains the same! So does the Fastest Finger round (with only six contestants this time).

Jeremy Clarkson is the host (minus a sleek suit!):

There are now four Lifelines, one of which is Ask the Host:

When it’s used — and it was in the first round — the host is highlighted:

It also seems they’re policing the Phone-A-Friend. A production assistant sits with them to confirm they’re not using Google! Boooooo!

And before there were two points at which people could win a minimum amount of money: £1,000 and £32,000. The £1,000 point remains. The second one is now set by the contestant and is called the Safety Net. It can be used at any point above £1,000 before answering the question.

As is usual, there are contestants with a baffling lack of what seems to me to be basic knowledge who need help:

But what do I know? I couldn’t answer this one:

And I should have been able to! Thinking now, it has his two kids barging in on his Skype TV interview, with the smallest one rolling into the room! Good for the contestant for remembering this classic:

Professor Robert Kelly Skype TV Interview Interrupted by Toddlers (Credit BBC UK)

One odd thing, though. They’re no longer showing the winning amount tally after each question as they used to:

I won’t spoil it further. It’s good to see the original show back. It still includes the hair-raising commercial breaks before revealing whether a contestant’s answer is correct. That was something deemed too cruel for the American version.

Now, if only ABC here in the U.S. would do likewise with Regis Philbin reprising his hosting duties!

Get on it, ABC! “Let’s play!”


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