Casey Neistat Loves An eBike More Than A Boosted Board

Go figure!

Of course, he got the eBike for free. But that’s not the point. It’s his riding experience that matters.

The eBike looks like this:

Um, yeah. That’s not something you’ll want to ride on a wet street unless you want a coating of grit and grime and dirt all over your clothes. (There’s an optional set of fenders; see the video after the break.)

That thing is a weight monster, however. 70 pounds! And the battery can take 4-5 hours to charge. But that charge time isn’t as important as it would be with other personal electric transport since this offers straightforward pedaling too (which would make for one hell of workout, having to move yourself plus 70 pounds!).

While this eBike looks interesting, it would be stolen hella fast where I live.

Is This Bike worth $2000? [SUPER 73 REVIEW]

Worth US$2,000? Well, that’s not much more than a new Boosted Stealth electric skateboard. Plus, you get to sit down. And it’s probably safer than any electric skateboard or electric scooter. But that weight!

I’d still rather have an Ionpod or a DIY electric ELOS or DIY electric Anonymous Longboards Penny-size board.

Here’s the fender kit video:

Super 73 S/S1/SG/SG1 Fender and Seat Assembly

I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for sighting this on weekends.

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2 Responses to Casey Neistat Loves An eBike More Than A Boosted Board

  1. Martin says:

    Talking about Electric bicycle, is really a revolution for older people here in europe. Old people are starting to ride bicycles again thanks to the batery..In France a lot of people are using also I think you receive some money back for the goverment if you buy one.

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