Sideloading Apps To The Oculus Go

Reddit: Step by step guide to sideloading to Go if you have a Gear VR compatible smartphone — important note: A Gear VR-compatible phone is not required

Using your smartphone and an Oculus Go, you can sideload Oculus Mobile SDK compatible content on the Oculus Go. This enables things like Riftcat’s VRidge, the YouTube VR Cinema unofficial app and older Gear VR content that may not be labeled as supporting Oculus Go to be installed on the Go. Lots of great content working for me so far and I worked with some friends to try on their Go as well.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Don’t get excited over the mention of YouTube. It’s a movie theater-like viewing app that does flat video only, sort of like the Netflix app.

But do get excited over being able to sideload apps onto the Oculus Go!

How long until someone figures out a way to get the real YouTube app on it? That would be a momentous event and really interest people in the Go. Including me!

After the break, a video by someone else illustrating the steps for sideloading apps on the Go.

HOW TO Sideload Apps on the OCULUS GO

Previously here:

Video: Oculus Go Reviews
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