The QooCam VR Camera

While Google’s partners are producing VR180 cameras based on a Google-mandated reference design that looks like something out of the old Soviet Bloc, at least one company is here in the year 2018 with something that looks modern.

360 Rumors: Kandao QooCam 360 and 3D camera with depth mapping: 10 FEATURES (updated May 2, 2018 with SAMPLE photo)

Kickstarter: QooCam: World’s First interchangeable 4K 360° & 3D Camera

After the break, three videos.

Promo video:

Kandao QooCam, the World’s First Switchable 4K 360°& 3D 180° Camera

Kandao QooCam Exclusive First Look – 180° 3D and 360° with depth-based technology

Mic Ty of 360 Rumors in a 360 video:

Kandao Qoocam is a REVOLUTIONARY camera (360 video) CES 2018

Let’s see what this one will be like in real life when it’s released.

Previously here:

Video: Lenovo Mirage VR180 Camera
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