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Samsung Has A “Holographic” Display Too

Samsung Concept Light Field Phone I don’t know what the RED Hydrogen One phone screen looks like — they won’t allow people to video it. But I can imagine it must look something like this. I’m still not sure why … Continue reading

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YouTube Now Seems To Prevent Paste Into Comments

I just noticed this yesterday, when I tried to refer someone to a news article in a Comment. I couldn’t paste in the URL, no matter how I tried. I wound up typing it — and it was long! And … Continue reading

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Swagtron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter Listed For Sale: US$399

Swagtron’s new electric scooter that resembles the Xiaomi M365 — the Swagger 5 — has finally been listed for sale: They’ve also posted a short tutorial video. See it and another video with the reaction of the first person to … Continue reading

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New YouTube Behavior: Huge Share Box

I have done my duty. You have been warned. Previously here: New YouTube Behavior?

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