Long Holiday Weekend Review, May 26-28, 2018

Weird weekend. Real-life complications, rain, and a desire to read.

All I sighted were two Boosted boards, both on the west side bike path.

Reading was from Google Books:

Do it to a Finish by Orison Swett Marden, assisted by Margaret Connolly [Google Books; Google Drive].

Self-discovery: Or, Why Remain a Dwarf? by Orison Swett Marden [Google Books; Google Drive].

A Man of Samples: Something about the Men He Met “on the Road.” by William H. Maher [Google Books; Google Drive].

I’m considering posts for each book, but those won’t appear today.

Reading was accomplished by lugging what’s now my primary notebook. See its specs. Terrible keyboard. Awful screen. Battery life that quickly falls off a cliff even with lowered backlight. All this has done is shown me how much I need an iPad Mini 4. It’s been on sale twice recently at Best Buy, for US$299. If I had the money at the time, would I have bought it? Both times, I debated with myself as if I had the money. And what I concluded is to play the Long Game: Apple’s WWDC is next week. Perhaps they will announce an iPad Mini 5 — nothing earth-shaking, just a spec bump to bring it on par with the 2018 iPad. Or maybe they will just further cut the price of the 4. Would Best Buy then have it on sale July 4th (Independence Day holiday in America) for even less than US$299? So that’s been my thinking: Wait. But when the money happens, pounce. Because lugging a six-pound notebook is just sheer hell. And most Google Books PDFs can easily be read on a Mini instead of a full-sized — and heavier — iPad.

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