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Bob Lefsetz Tells All

The Lefsetz Letter is must-reading. Although it began all about music, Bob often writes about movies, TV, books and, especially, life. I interrupted what I was doing to watch the following video. Lefsetz promised: … contained herein is my complete … Continue reading

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There Is Now Only One Tablet: iPad

Google unceremoniously removes the tablet section from official Android website Google has been doing an impressive job of pretending Android tablets don’t exist for the last few years, and now it’s done pretending. Google has updated the Android website to … Continue reading

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New YouTube Behavior: Chat

I noticed a new icon and clicked on it: I’m not enthusiastic about that. It seems like bringing Twitter to YouTube. Previously here: New YouTube Behavior: Huge Share Box New YouTube Behavior?

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Shocking Death Toll In Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico

Earlier this week, @artistikem sent me a link to a news article that publicized a shocking number of deaths in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria and its disastrous after-effects. Study Puts Puerto Rico Death Toll From Hurricane … Continue reading

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The Next Return Of Nikki Finke

“I’m Not Afraid to Call People an Idiot”: Nikki Finke Is Ready to Take on the Midterm Media Scrum Like many Democrats, Nikki Finke spent Election Night 2016 in an emotional fetal position. A longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, the once-feared … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: How To Use This Blog

This post is now a Page. Since the readership of this blog is variable and consists mainly of people who wander in from outside links (which I can’t see!) and search terms (which are also hidden from me!), I thought … Continue reading

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TV: Missions (Yes, Second Post)

All week I’ve looked forward to the next two episodes of Missions. I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. And, well …

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