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The Ongoing eScooter Rental Wars

The electric scooter rental companies will win. I can’t foresee the shape of that win, but they will win. There’s a need for them. Why rely on Uber? Why pedal a damn rental bike and search for a dock? Riding … Continue reading

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iPad Mini 4 Was Once US$269 On QVC

Well, this makes me scratch my head over several things: 1) US$269 is the lowest price I’ve ever seen it for (Best Buy has only done US$299) 2) It was bundled with a carrying case, portable keyboard(!), and more(!) 3) … Continue reading

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We Live In A Nightmarish Satire Of The Future

This is funny. And scary. Wait for the punchline. Alternative Math | Short Film But I have to say that even though the punchline made me laugh, the film still scared me.

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As Seen On VT

The Secret Life of Vivian is a great YouTube Channel I ran across today. She tries all of those things we’ve seen advertised on TV, like the one in the video below. This is two years old but captures her … Continue reading

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Google Defies Reality: Restores Tablets To Android Site

Previously here: There Is Now Only One Tablet: iPad According to the original source of the news, there’s an update from Google: According to a tweet by Hiroshi Lockheimer, the removal of the tablets section of the Android site was … Continue reading

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