iPad Mini 4 Was Once US$269 On QVC

Well, this makes me scratch my head over several things:

1) US$269 is the lowest price I’ve ever seen it for (Best Buy has only done US$299)

2) It was bundled with a carrying case, portable keyboard(!), and more(!)

3) Why didn’t YouTube show me this earlier?! I search every week for new iPad Mini 4 videos. This one is months old and it didn’t appear in results until today!

This isn’t the first time QVC has offered it. I’ve found at least three QVC videos selling it.

Has Apple been trying to get rid of inventory that’s just not selling?

Hey, Tim Cook, wanna see it fly out of stores? US$299 or lower.

Tomorrow is Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. It’s already been leaked that no new iPad hardware will be announced. But have Mini 4 sales been so bad that Apple must dump it on QVC?

After the break, the video.

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth Keyboard, Carry Case & More on QVC

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