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Videos: iOS 12 Beta 1 Running On iPad

There are some unannounced changes in the UI. And the redesign at the top just screams that iPads with The Notch are coming. Could one of them be the long-rumored iPad Pro Mini? That would make my jaw drop and … Continue reading

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What An iOS App Looks Like Running On MacOS

Via Steven Troughton-Smith’s Twitter: Well, what can be said other than how odd it looks? Recently, I saw a YouTube video demonstrating the simultaneous running of Android apps on a Chromebook (a feature still to come). Will MacOS/iOS eventually do … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: New Post Overflow

This has been a rare day where new posts go beyond the front page. Click on Older Posts at bottom to see what was posted earlier today. There will be no Weekend Review post because I didn’t go the city. … Continue reading

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Another Skater Reaches The eScooter Puck

Unfortunately, the Electric Scooters Are Fantastic The next day, I took a scooter to work again, even though I wasn’t running late. The day after that, I took a scooter four miles across the city to a baseball game. The … Continue reading

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Video: MacBook Pro Disaster

There are two videos. Both have to be watched. Apple ruined the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, see the rest of the story after the break.

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WWDC 2018: MacOS

Perhaps the biggest news out of Apple’s WWDC is about the MacOS. One thing that surprised me: Click = big A Stacks UI in Finder! That was the original UI for iOS Photos and I thought it was madness that … Continue reading

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WWDC 2018: iOS 12

Even when Apple doesn’t announce a ton of new things for iOS, the fewer things they do announce manage to drown out everything else I saw this year, like the Huawei event that gave prominence to its AI photography (and … Continue reading

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WWDC 2018: iBooks Is Now Apple Books

Click = big Looks like a whole new UI. I wonder if there will be any performance improvements to handling Google Books PDFs and especially those nasty PDFs from the Internet Archive. A whole new round of Google Books PDF … Continue reading

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Apple WWDC Livestream Has Begun And Works With Firefox!

This is epic: The tyranny of viewing a liveblog is over!

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How Will Singapore Treat Dockless eScooter Rentals?

Well, this is going to be very, very interesting. Have the popcorn ready! Regular readers here will already know that Singapore has led the world in accommodating personal electric transport into its society. The Land Transport Authority fashioned the rules … Continue reading

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