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The Kate Spade Story

How Kate Spade created a multimillion-dollar empire By 1992, Spade saw no future for herself at the publication and quit. She had decided over dinner with Andy to pursue a new direction: Making her own handbags. For the next few … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Designer Kate Spade

Fashion Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Apparent Suicide Sometimes, it can feel as if the world is just too much. Don’t believe it. During depression, the mind does nothing but lie. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). Rest … Continue reading

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Video: Forest Of The Demon


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The eScooter Rental War Chests Increase

Scoop: GV to lead $250 million round in scooter startup Lime This is a fascinating reveal: Lime has told investors that its users have taken a total of 4.2 million rides, one million of which were between May 5 and … Continue reading

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No! No iOS Menubar!

Twitter: No! A menubar in iOS would be a nightmare. Do you know what a touch interface with a frikkin menubar is called? PalmOS! No. Let’s not go backward! And let me remind newcomers that I use a PalmOS Sony … Continue reading

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Videos: More iOS 12 Beta 1 (With An Apple Books Peek)

iOS 12 on three different iPad Mini 2, an iPad Air 1, and on an iPad Pro (10.5?) with a peek at Apple Books:

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Video: Singapore’s Personal Electric Transport Regulations In 60 Seconds

Singapore Electric Scooter Laws in 60 seconds Notes: 1) Not riding in the street wouldn’t apply to America, where bike paths are in streets and streets are explicitly marked to share with bikes and other personal transport. Plus, it’s often … Continue reading

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Asus Turns Notebook Trackpad Into A Second Screen

ASUS ScreenPad™ Tutorial – Get More Apps | ASUS Well, that’s taking the Apple Touch Bar and putting it on steroids. Its popularity will depend entirely on sales of that model of notebook. I’m very skeptical that developers will take … Continue reading

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