1) This video shows a way the Subscription Bell for Notifications “sometimes” works:

I have never gotten that pop-up. I thought wanting to be Notified meant I’d be told of all new videos I’ve Subscribed to. I’ve confirmed several times this is not the case. I’ve seen videos pop up under Subscriptions without any Notification. I then went back to confirm the Bell was active. It was. Could you imagine how many people would flee from using Gmail if it was that unreliable?

2) Why do I see videos — even older ones that I haven’t watched — from Channels I’ve Subscribed to in Recommendations? I don’t want to see anything in Recommendations from any Channel I’ve Subscribed to, period. I know that Channel exists. If I wanted to watch their older videos, I would. YouTube is wasting my time and cluttering Recommendations showing me something I already know exists.

These things need to be fixed.

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