TV: The Method

I could not stop watching.

And it wasn’t only because it co-stars a woman with an impossible face: From any camera angle, it looks incredible.

She’s also a damn good actress.

And the scripts. They have a subtlety many writers could learn from.

This is a world-class production. It’s all there: photography, editing, acting, writing, directing, art direction, special effects, the works. Even full male and female frontal nudity (none of it titillating). And a kick-ass score that swerves from rock to symphonic.

And there’s even a joke embedded for people who know of another Russian TV series, The Sniffer:

Ordinarily, I would post the trailer video. But it contains too many spoilers. Instead, here’s the theme music:


This is not a series for people who use the word “trigger.” It will send such people over the edge.

For everyone else, it’s highly recommended.


Netflix: The Method
Wikipedia: The Method (TV series)

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