The Most Expensive Penny-Sized Electric Skateboard In The World

Ronnie Sarmiento put the Mellow Drive kit he was sent — about US$3,000 worth of hardware(!!!) — onto the new Anonymous Longboards Pacto penny-sized deck. This deck is even smaller that the Micro-Me deck Mellow said was the smallest limit! Ronnie previously put a Landwheel booster on that Pacto deck.

And then he brought it to New York City.

Mellow-ed penny:

Next to a longboard with a Mellow Drive:

He took part in a huge group ride that was mostly Boosted owners.

And this is why I think I’d better avoid group rides. He got this over and over:

See, I wouldn’t put up with that even once. I’d immediately go all “STFU ^%$#@!!!”

Homie Don’t Play That

So yeah, I’d better avoid the groups.

I did some quick research. The Mellow Drive has 80mm wheels. The Landwheel booster has 92mm wheels. The Onan booster has 93mm wheels. And the DIYeboards kit has 83mm wheels, which is the closest to Mellow-sized. It’s still unclear to me if the DIY kit will fit under that Pacto deck — but it’s already been established it can fit under an ELOS deck. The ELOS is 17 inches long versus nearly 23 inches for the Pacto. So maybe it would fit — it all depends on the space between the front and back trucks.

Here’s Ronnie’s video of that huge ride:

The BIGGEST NYC Boosted Board Group Ride!

Previously here:

Anonymous Longboards’ Penny-Size Board Goes On Sale
Electrified Anonymous Longboards Penny-Size Board
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2 Responses to The Most Expensive Penny-Sized Electric Skateboard In The World

  1. sk8rider says:

    Look at this 22 inch board:

    • mikecane says:

      The thing all experienced riders say about such short boards with an electric drivetrain is that they’re best with low speed. The guy in Germany doesn’t ride the Mellow on his deck beyond Eco mode. And you can see in his video that braking will pitch the rider forward off the deck.

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