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Video: Varjo’s High-Resolution VR Headset

Varjo is a company turning VR from this … … into this: It’s been nearly a year since they were last heard from. After the break, a video of their demo headset, a discussion of the technology behind it, and … Continue reading

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Video: Music From Star Blazers

Called Space Battleship Yamato in Japan, it became Star Blazers when it was adapted in America. Here’s a selection of its great music performed by a live orchestra in Japan. 組曲『宇宙戦艦ヤマト』 Space Battleship YAMATO The series has been brought back as … Continue reading

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Video: Interview With Writer Steven Pressfield

Wait for the Athens versus Sparta bit. “Gates of Fire” Author Steven Pressfield’s Lessons from the Original Spartans ep.013 Previously here: The War Of Art Human Variables category

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“All-Out Saul”

I was doing some other things last week and decided to listen to this in the background. It really struck me. I wanted to just grab a clip from it with Jim Rohn’s take on the story of Saul/Paul, but … Continue reading

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Weekend Review: June 10, 2018

I was in the city on Sunday only. Sightings: 1 Onewheel, 4 Boosted boards, and a wolf pack of three people riding the URB-E. That was surprising! I’d previously seen a kid riding one. To see young adults with them … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Edition Versus Apple Books (iBooks) Edition

I decided to see what Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art was selling for as a Kindle edition and as an Apple Books (iBooks) edition. It was a rather eye-popping experience.

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The Blockchain System: Fragile AF

Previously, I wrote: The open-ledger concept itself depends on resolving the ledger with a 51% majority vote from all ledgers. The authors say trying to game the system would cost $2.2 billion dollars. That is bullshit. That figure is based … Continue reading

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