How It Was: The Man Bag

Meathead Wears A Purse

Back in the mid-1970s, I once had to tote around a one-piece non-folding Polaroid camera in a shoulder-strap case. The case was black. It had a weird shape.

The amount of shit I got from ignoramuses — including cops! — thinking it was a purse was disgusting.

I finally gave up and printed an effin label that said Polaroid and taped it the case to educate morons. The case otherwise didn’t have any logo on it.

In the early-1980s or so, I was sick of carrying a ton of borrowed library books home in a plastic bag. I found something along the lines of what’s in the video, except it was larger, zippered, and made of a canvas-sy material. Damn, it could hold even more library books than a plastic bag!

I was still traumatized by the shit I went through in the mid-1970s. But I finally thought, fuck it. I used that until it fell apart!

No one said anything about it. I’m glad those goddammed anti-bag days are over!

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