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A Peek Inside The YouTube Algorithm

He seems to have some real insights here. Youtube Blocks Star Wars and Small Channels (Youtube Algo Guide) And it must work. I can’t recall ever watching one of his videos. But this one popped up as a YouTube Recommendation! … Continue reading

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Samsung Changes Chromebook Plus, Justifiable Outrage Ensues At Reddit

Samsung Chromebook Plus Oh, the anguished screams at Reddit! Previously here: Samsung Chromebook Plus Has An Odd AnTuTu Score Second Google Books PDF Test: Samsung Chromebook Plus Google Books PDF Test: Samsung Chromebook Plus

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Acer Chromebook Tab 10 User Manual Available

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 user manual available, indicating direct sales soon Keep in mind that the device is meant for the education market, so if you plan to buy a Chromebook Tab 10 for personal / consumer use, you’ll want … Continue reading

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Another ELOS Skateboard Kickstarter

ELOS is raising money for the new 2018 model of their kick skateboard. It features different trucks and wheels and is about a half-pound less in weight. They might also offer new colors. Elos Skateboard | Compact, stable, fun urban … Continue reading

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I Disagree With Bob Lefsetz About Original Video

Fauda-Season 2 As for the vaunted YouTube revolution, did you read that article about YouTubers burning out? That’s right, it was another canard sold to the youth, a supposedly easy way to make money, a PARADIGM SHIFT, while the big … Continue reading

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