I Disagree With Bob Lefsetz About Original Video

Fauda-Season 2

As for the vaunted YouTube revolution, did you read that article about YouTubers burning out?

That’s right, it was another canard sold to the youth, a supposedly easy way to make money, a PARADIGM SHIFT, while the big boys, Google and Amazon and Facebook and Apple…took the lion’s share of the revenue and the government supported the rich. You work 24/7 on Maggie’s Farm and they change the algorithm and you’re making less and if you’re dependent upon likes, getting subscribers, working the system, you’re toast. If your talent isn’t strong enough to stand on its own, draw people to it by itself, give up now. And yes, there are those making money unboxing, but that’s like telling you Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropped out of college and you’re just a shot away from being a billionaire. Yeah, right.

I’ll get to the article he mentions later.

I don’t think Lefsetz ever read Streampunks. He should. He’d see YouTube from a different perspective.

I’ve never seen Google or YouTube pitch themselves as a Get Rich scheme. But should they publicize the fact such things happen? Why not? Even Amazon at one time brayed about self-published Kindle books that sold a million or more. And what does Apple do at its announcements? Mention the big payoffs iOS developers (fineprint: in total) are getting from the App Store. Is everyone getting rich at those places? No. That’s business. It’s not evil. Who said there are guarantees in business risk?

YouTube’s top creators are burning out and breaking down en masse

Stop. I’ll just repeat from a prior post:

No one on YouTube gets any sympathy from me. The “pressure” is what you’ve put on yourselves. If your goal is to post a video daily, then why should anyone cry for you? Where’s the clamor for daily videos? Neistat — a Channel I Subscribe to — missed several days of posting a video. And you know what? I didn’t even notice! And I think anyone who did might want to examine themselves for a problem.

Grow up already. Try being a talk radio show host on the air four hours a day on weekdays. Not only must a host have topics ready to cover, a host has to think on their feet and deal with the public — and all of it live. Yet there are hosts who have been on the air for decades. I’ve never heard any of them ever whine about burnout or Boo Hoo Poor Me!

Because they understand being professional.

I’m disgusted to admit that I’ve been doing blogs for twelve damn years now. I never started this with the intent of making money, or getting job offers (all declined, so don’t even ask), or having my life revolve around it. If a day goes by when I have nothing to post, so be it — and so what? I mostly take weekends off too. My motivations for doing this are outside the scope of this post. Recent whining I’ve done about low readership is mainly due to the puzzling ways Google now handles blogs — and the frustration of all search engines no longer passing along inbound search terms. I feel somewhat blindfolded now. I can see people arriving, but not from where! Yet I’ll persist.

Again for the YouTubers: Grow up. You have over a million Subscribers? Well, there are 7.6 billion people on this globe. Get some perspective.

so you want to complain… | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

“Do You Understand What’s Going On?” – Motivational Video | Gary Vaynerchuk Motivation

The people burning out on YouTube? Goodbye! You’ll leave and make room for the next crop. That just how things work.

Microcasting is the future. All of the long-form series being planned by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, AT&T/TimeWarner, and the rest — it’s getting hard to keep all the names in mind these days — are sinking money into a dinosaur format. Who has time to devote what could be over a full work week to binge-watch several seasons of a series? Look around at TV commercials: They’re mostly medicines and insurance. That tells you who has the time to watch: The old and sick and dying. Catering to a market that’s going extinct is not a good strategy.

At post time, Vivian has ~66,000 Subscribers. I won’t be surprised when she tops a million.

Wish Haul Review | Testing $1 Kitchen Gadgets

That’s microcasting. And it’s more real than the packaged stuff billions and billions of dollars are being thrown at.

Go ahead and laugh. You did with eScooters too.

Keep up!

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