Blunt Force Business Advice

Wealth Secrets of the One Percent: A Modern Manual to Getting Marvelously, Obscenely Rich by Sam Wilkin.

From pages 334-335 of the trade paperback edition:

A lot of experts on personal financial success will exhort you to be the best. They will advise you on routes to self-improvement and personal growth. Business books will tell you how to make your business “great” or perhaps “excellent.” Self-help gurus will tell you how to transform your mental attitude and realize your inherent potential. These are all pretty much dead ends. The geniuses at LTCM [Long-Term Capital Management; a large hedge fund that employed the brightest mathematicians yet still failed] were the best. And really, it got them nothing. Circuit City was the best as well — one of only eleven “good to great” companies in America, and far and away the top performer among them — and its assets wound up in a fire sale.

You don’t want to be the best; you want to be the only.

An interesting lens through which to view the world of business. It explains the money pile-on for Bird eScooter rentals.

This is a view I will be referring to a lot.

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