YouTube, IGTV: The Battle Begins

VidCon 2018: Helping creators earn more money and build stronger communities

YouTube creators are the heartbeat of our platform. That’s why we’re committed to building products that empower and support the creator community. We hope these tools help creators build a stronger community and earn more money while doing it, because when they succeed, the entire YouTube community thrives.

What seemed lame because of the way it was announced — YouTube’s Premieres — now makes some sort of sense after reading that post (which they failed to even link to in the video’s Description!).

In that post, YouTube describes a bunch of things they believe will benefit creators and keep them on YouTube.

My question: How many of those things did the creators ask for?

My overarching question: What is YouTube doing to make the service more friendly to viewers?

YouTube can give creators all the ways to make money they think is possible. But all of that is for nothing if people aren’t able to find all that content.

Instagram can’t be the new TV until it figures out how to pay for its TV shows

Recode’s “concern” is something I put in quotes because it’s fake. This is a writer desperate for a byline and that’s illustrated by the way the word creator is put in quotes, as if making videos for IGTV wasn’t something to be taken seriously — or, rather, that the people who make them shouldn’t, and can’t, be. The envy is obvious!

IGTV will figure it out. Next!

Of the two, it’s YouTube with the biggest problem: The site is a mess, their viewer mobile app is a goddammed bad joke, and it’s hard for creators to break through and find and grow an audience because the biggest obstacle is YouTube’s own design. The YouTube mobile app — which is their competition against IGTV — is so bad, I request the Desktop site whenever possible. But that’s only going from Worst to Less Worse.

Meanwhile, another YouTuber is trying out IGTV!

Justin Bravo: 107,000 Subscribers
IGTV LAUNCH (Instagram vs YouTube)

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