Archos Now Has A Digital Currency Vault

Archos Safe-T Mini

The ARCHOS Safe-T mini

Generates and stores your private keys offline
Your private keys are generated offline and stored on the ARCHOS Safe-T mini — they never leave the device. This is the most secure way to store your cryptographic keys.

High-level Security
In addition to its 6 digits Pin code, the Safe-T mini has a dedicated Encrypted Crypto Mem (Secured EEprom) to go deeper in security level. All transactions must be validated by the hardware buttons. There is no way for hackers to modify transactions unnoticed.

Embedded screen to display transaction information
The ARCHOS Safe-T mini’s screen displays your transactions entirely, which is key for security.

Archos is a company that’s even more scatter-brained than Google. If you want to trust your digital currency to them, you have only yourself to blame.

Video after the break.

ARCHOS Safe-T mini’s unboxing

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