Playing With Dolls On YouTube: More Viewers Than Cable TV!

Wait. What?

Look at the number of Views! 463,024 at post time.

Now, look at the ratings for entire cable TV channels

From number 11 down, the doll video has more viewers.

Something is very screwy here.

And it raises a very uncomfortable question for all sides: How can such low-rated cable TV channels — which have tons of staff — make enough money to stay in business while YouTube creators — usually one person — often starve with more views?

And here’s a real kick in the head. That playing with dolls channel on YouTube has this many Subscribers:

If this doesn’t make the world of conventional TV very, very nervous, they’re not paying attention.

It should also make YouTube creators really, really wonder.

The economics here are baffling.

And wait. If you think This Just Can’t Be! then read this:

Showtime debuted five shows in 2017, with most failing to hit ratings pay dirt. “Guerrilla,” the British miniseries that aired on both Showtime and Sky Atlantic, posted a paltry 100,000 viewers per episode despite the star power of both Idris Elba and Freida Pinto. “I’m Dying Up Here,” the Jim Carrey-produced look at stand up comedy in 1970s LA, didn’t fare much better with 143,000 viewers per episode. “White Famous,” which stars “SNL” alum Jay Pharoah and is based on the career of Jamie Foxx (who also guest stars and executive produces), did slightly better with 263,000 but failed to ever do better than 339,000 viewers — a number it nabbed in its fifth week. The return of “Twin Peaks” drew critical acclaim and record sign ups for Showtime’s streaming service, but still averaged only 287,000 viewers per episode. Only Frankie Shaw’s semi-autobiographical half-hour series “SMILF” found ratings success, currently averaging 568,000 viewers as it nears the end of its first season.

Boldfaced and red emphasis added by me.

That’s from industry authority, Variety. They know their numbers.

This doll video had more viewers than Twin Peaks!

Let’s turn to David Lynch for his reaction:

David Lynch on iPhone

I have the greatest respect for Lynch, but he should have realized he sounded like one of the dinosaurs who condemned TV in its early days. And now look what’s happened: Playing with dolls gets more viewers!

And yes, I watched the entire doll video. Because The Greatest Showman. And, yes, I did give it a thumb’s up — for the audacity!

LOL Surprise Dolls Perform The Greatest Showman! Featuring Madame Queen, Sugar Queen, and Dollface!

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