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iPad Sales Up 1%. Eh. But Where’s The Mini 5?

The iPad vs. Mac Juxtaposition Apple now finds itself with an iPad business that is twice the size of Mac in terms of unit sales, but smaller than the Mac when it comes to revenue. The iPad user base is … Continue reading

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Twitter: The Life Destroyer

Twitter courted comedians, then the opposition The Witch Hunters are out there. And anyone who isn’t on their Approval Checklist is a witch. And it’s just going to get worse. Burn Twitter before it burns you. Previously here: “Why Are … Continue reading

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Yiluowei Electric Skateboard (I’ll Probably Regret This Post)

Yiluowei electric skateboard with led light. Horrible video. The website is even worse. It prompted a cranky Comment from me at YouTube: Very unhelpful video and unhelpful website. What are the complete specs? They’re nowhere to be found! Top speed? … Continue reading

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Reference: eSkateboard Weight Frustration

Ronnie Sarmiento reports the BoardUp folding skateboard paired with the Mellow Drive weighs 16.8 pounds. Mellow itself reports the Quinboards Micro-Me deck paired with the Mellow Drive weighs 13.2 pounds. Micro-Me Mellow: BoardUp Mellow: The few extra pounds for the … Continue reading

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The Chart That Validates Microcasting

U.S. adults now spend nearly 6 hours per day watching video Those aged 18-34 now spend 43 percent of their time consuming media on digital platforms (phones, tablets, computers), with around a third of that time taking place on smartphones. … Continue reading

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New eScooter Battery Tech Coming?

Batteries are the chokehold on progress for everything that requires portable power. While everyone else thinks about smartphones, tablets, and computers, I keep thinking about eScooters and eSkateboards — because micro and nano electric transport is where the puck is … Continue reading

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Another Last-Mile Problem: Package Delivery

While everyone else addresses the “last-mile problem” of mass transit, there’s an even bigger last-mile problem out there. The Rise of the Last-Mile Exchange Park yourself at a typical residential intersection in the U.S., and you’ll watch a parade of … Continue reading

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YouTube Adaptive Video Player For The Web

YouTube web player now adapts to different aspect ratios If it were up to us, every video would be 16:9, with some exceptions made for some more cinematic footage. But because there are older videos and people unaware of vertical … Continue reading

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eScooter Rentals: A Civil Rights Issue? Hell Yes!

Well, damn. The notorious Uber knows how to gain allies in a fight against the hypocrites of the City Council and the biggest hypocrite of them all, our Mayor. Uber Gains Civil Rights Allies Against New York’s Proposed Freeze: ‘It’s … Continue reading

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Video: Electric Scooter Battery Fails And Explodes

The video title is wrong. It’s an eScooter, not an eSkateboard. [Caution] electric skateboard explosion at home. Huge Blast!!! This could be China or Singapore or Hong Kong. We don’t know. The eScooter brand? Also unknown. [Same-day update: Another posting … Continue reading

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