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Surprise! Teclast Does A New iPad Mini Clone.

I stopped writing about iPad and iPad Mini clones a while ago. They had their run and it ended. I no longer check Chinese tech sites. Now Chris over at TechTablets reveals a brand new iPad Mini clone from Teclast. … Continue reading

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This Is A Graft Post Wherein I Teach Bird, Lime, And Others How To Outwit NYC For eScooter Rentals

Pay attention, Bird, Lime and any other eScooter rental company that wants to enter NYC. I posted earlier: I’m disappointed in Lime and Bird. They should be hiring people to ride eScooters in Manhattan as part of a campaign to … Continue reading

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But Where Do We Move To?

The Death of a Once Great City: The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence This city long ago passed the point of no return. Its Mall-ification continues unopposed. We have a Mayor who wheezes about “affordable … Continue reading

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W.C. Fields’ Never Give A Sucker An Even Break

Which is something P.T. Barnum never said. Never Give a Sucker an Even Break: “a masterpiece of absurd humor.” Not to take away anything from the British, but it’s hard to imagine Monty Python without the influence of W.C. Fields. … Continue reading


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Due To Popular Demand, A New eScooters Page

I don’t know how people are using this blog. Nobody says nuthin’. I don’t even know where people are coming from. Search engines now say nuthin’. And no one leaves any Comments. Bleep. But I see what’s been going on … Continue reading

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eScooter Rental News

Alphabet invests in Lime’s electric scooter service You didn’t think Silicon Valley’s biggest names would stand on the sidelines while the electric scooter trend continued to grow, did you? The Financial Times sources have learned that Alphabet has invested directly … Continue reading

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Harlan Ellison On Being Forgotten

I spent last Friday ripping all the videos at Harlan Ellison’s YouTube Channel. Because I expect all of them to disappear at some point. Ellison had publicly stated — probably more than once — that he had a burn notice … Continue reading

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