But Where Do We Move To?

The Death of a Once Great City: The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence

This city long ago passed the point of no return. Its Mall-ification continues unopposed. We have a Mayor who wheezes about “affordable housing” yet every night is chauffeured with a police escort to his favorite gym miles away from Manhattan. He doesn’t pay for that. We do. That’s par for the Hypocrite Left.

All the stores that made the city special and interesting and delightful are gone. Chinatown is being encroached upon too and will probably no longer exist within twenty years (sooner, if the mild earthquake landlords pray for happens!). Chinatown is the last gasp of a city that used to belong to its lifelong residents, not tasteless out-of-town pishers with shiny degrees and Daddy-enhanced bank accounts.

Even this goddamned miserable Island of the Damned I’m trapped on sets developers’ mouths drooling. Their hideous “rehabilitation” has begun. And more will follow.

Where the hell does someone like me go?

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