Surprise! Teclast Does A New iPad Mini Clone.

I stopped writing about iPad and iPad Mini clones a while ago. They had their run and it ended. I no longer check Chinese tech sites.

Now Chris over at TechTablets reveals a brand new iPad Mini clone from Teclast. The dead has arisen from the grave!

Which is a bit of kick to Apple. We need an iPad Mini 5.

Teclast M89 Review – Faster Than The Helio X20 Tablets

This seems a better buy than the iFive Mini 4s. But it still wouldn’t help me with Google Books PDFs — unless Teclast acquires SmartQ Reader and bundles it.

Previously here:

iPad Format Clones

July 5, 2018 update: I hit Publish too quickly that day. Over a year ago, there was this here: Teclast Brings The Absolutely Last iPad Mini Clone In The World. So, not only did Teclast do it one more time, they improved the specs too.

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