The Greatest Soundtrack

The Greatest Showman: WTF?

What? A live Broadway show? This would be the first time I’d ever step into one of those places. Bring it! Maybe this is why I keep thinking I’ll be running into Pasek and Paul in Manhattan this year…

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3 Responses to The Greatest Soundtrack

  1. Martin says:

    You live in NYC and never being in a broadway theatre ??? you are probably one in a million !!

    • mikecane says:

      Oh, I had a real deal of a ticket one time back in the late 1970s! Got it for like $1 after waiting on line for two damn hours. Show closed BEFORE my ticket was good. Pissed me off so much I vowed never again. A Greatest Showman would overturn that.

  2. Martin says:

    Ohh God..You are a man of your word..

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