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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: Asus MemoPad 7 Successor

Earlier this year, I was using this tablet. Not the greatest thing. Returned it to owner. Then I discovered that no one else makes a tablet that size with that high of a screen resolution. They’re all crap screens that … Continue reading

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YouTube TV Will Win? A Flawed Case.

How YouTube TV Will Kill Cable and Satellite – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs No. The premise is based on hour-long dramas. Those days are coming to an end. I previously wrote: Microcasting is the future. All of the long-form … Continue reading

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Bird eScooter Rentals Use Modified M365 And ES2

Interestingly, they’ve been modified not to fold. And the ES2 has been set to show only blue underdeck lighting. No word on whether or not using their respective apps has been disabled. Or if cruise control works. [Same-day update: Both … Continue reading

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Video: Teclast M89 iPad Mini Clone Review

This video is in Spanish. It’s worth watching for anyone who is interested in this tablet. It shows things Chris didn’t in his review. Among these are split screen view, monochrome screen view, and selectable YouTube video resolutions (something Chris … Continue reading

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Crown Wheel Introduces Another Electric Scooter

Cheapest foldable Shock Absorb Tire electric kick scooter It looks like they transferred the shock absorption from physical springs on the eScooter frame to a new tire design. It also looks like it has too many deficits to consider buying: … Continue reading

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Spin In Boston Dumps Bikes For eScooter Rentals

Boston-bound bike company switches gear, opts for scooter rentals And this is why the eScooter rental opponents will continue to lose, lose, lose: “As a company we are shifting our focus away from bikes to electric scooters,” Spin co-founder Euwyn … Continue reading

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